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What Do Sex Traffickers (Like Jeffrey Epstein) and Mass Shooters Have in Common? Why Should We Care?

by I. J. Weinstock

America keeps reeling from mass shootings and sex scandals. In response, political pundits, OpEd columnists, and government officials blame various causes: America has a racist problem, an immigration problem, a mental health problem, a hate problem, a gun problem, etc. But these “problems” are symptoms of a much more fundamental problem hidden in plain sight. America has a man problem that’s ultimately a sex problem! Unleashed by tectonic shifts in our society, it’s fueling the violence and mayhem of mass shooters as well as predatory sex traffickers like Jeffrey Epstein. Both threaten society, but in different ways. Mass shooters rip the fabric of society apart from the bottom, while sex traffickers like Epstein corrupt it from the top. We need to understand the sexual undercurrents driving these societal threats if we hope to address them. You can read my article on Medium.


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