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BOOKS by I. J. Weinstock




I. J. Weinstock's novels ask "what if?"  Whether it's an epic sexual fantasy series or a time-traveling exploration of the dangers of our Digital Age, he writes about subjects few dare to with a perspective that's thought-provoking and wholly original. 


#1 Amazon Best Seller
"Mysteries of Isis"

In a world with no future, one man is offered a secret key from the past to unlock the greatest mystery of all. One hundred days into his presidency, Adam Hart discovers that to fulfill his oath of office he must embark on a sexual odyssey that could determine the fate of the world.


The Secret Sex Life of Angels combines the intrigue and controversy of The Da Vinci Code with the spirituality and eroticism of the Kama Sutra in a fantastic saga about the sacred nature of sex.

“Every man needs to read The Secret Sex Life of Angels.

Every woman needs to have her man read this book.”

 “You’ll never think about sex in the same way again!”

“This is the book everyone will be talking about.”


"Ring of Fire"

The Initiation Continues...


One hundred days into his presidency, Adam Hart discovers that to fulfill his oath of office he must embark on a bizarre sexual odyssey that could determine the fate of the world.


To solve the mystery of the missing future, President Hart continues his secret Initiation into the Mysteries of Isis. On a secluded desert mesa in the American Southwest, a Native American shaman introduces him to the Ring of Fire.


Each Initiation is more incredible than the last!


SSLA III %22Floating to Heaven%22.jpg
"Floating to Paradise"


The Initiation Continues...


Convinced that the fate of the world is at stake and the Mysteries of Isis holds the key, President Adam Hart undergoes his 3rd Initiation on a remote South Sea island.


While "floating to paradise," he discovers the shocking truth about the future, turning his world upside-down.


Each Initiation is more incredible than the last!



SSLA IV %22Realm of the Gods%22.jpg
"Realm of the Gods"


The Initiation Continues...


With his marriage unraveling and his presidency in peril, Adam Hart’s desperate quest to save the world takes him to India where he must endure the “ultimate” Initiation if he is to learn the secret at the heart of the Mysteries of Isis.


Each Initiation is more incredible than the last!





ULTRA BOWL is an adventure fable about the dangers of our Digital Age and the dystopian future toward which we may be heading.


Flying home from the Super Bowl, the New York Knights are “time-napped”—transported 100 years into the future, where the global balance-of-power is decided in a football game played by robots. 


The Knights have been “drafted” to play for the United States in the Ultra Bowl, unaware that they are expendable pawns in a brilliant technocrat’s diabolical plot to rule the world. 

Despite insurmountable odds, the Knights embark on this suicide mission for the heart of a beautiful woman, the soul of a young boy and the humanity of an entire world. 


In this epic struggle between man & machine, a football team from the past valiantly attempts to rescue the future from the tyranny of technology.

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I. J. Weinstock also writes children's books about the LoveSpell Game.


The LoveSpell Game
 A Contemporary Fairy Tale 
by I. J. Weinstock

​The More You Love, The More You Win! 
Inspired by a fairy tale called "LoveSpell,"

a teenager suffering a mysterious illness

invents a game that magically

transforms everyone's life.


The Amazing Tale of the Magic
The Amazing Tale
of the
Magic Glasses
Another LoveSpell Adventure
by I. J. Weinstock​
Suddenly finding himself lost in Wonderland, Xander is frightened and desperate to go home. But to do that, he'll have to learn new ways of seeing.
During his amazing adventure, he encounters fantastic things he’s never seen before. Ultimately, he discovers that if he really wants to find his way home, he’ll have to change the way he sees everything!



I. J. Weinstock writes about his extraordinary life, particularly his experiences of love and loss, which include Afterlife communication from his late-wife, Joy. 



Sex — WTF Is It?


More than procreation or pleasure, sex is fundamental to our Humanity in ways we’ve forgotten and consequential in ways we can’t imagine.

In his provocative new book, I. J. Weinstock claims that “sex is much more than the physical act. It’s the ‘source code’ for society.”

It’s Not Just About Sex, It’s About Everything!

OUR SECRET SEX LIFE reveals the secrets we all carry between our legs and inspires new ways of thinking about women, men, sex, and even orgasm. 

It argues that women’s reproductive freedom is essential for a healthy society.

According to Weinstock’s Theory of Sexual Relativity and Human Destiny, the “story” we tell ourselves about sex shapes the civilization in which we live. 

Our “story,” he warns, is leading us on a path toward self-destruction.

It’s Not Just About Sex, It’s About Survival!

With humanity facing a gathering storm of self-inflicted existential crises, it’s crucial that we awaken to sex’s fundamental and consequential importance. Not just for personal satisfaction or better sex lives, but for society’s health and ultimately civilization’s survival.



You’ll Never Think About Sex in the Same Way Again!

The LoveSpell Experiment 
My Year Exploring Love & Discovering a Secret to Happiness

What Do You Love?

This simple yet profound question inspired an extraordinary exploration into the very nature of Love.

While celebrating New Year's Eve, I. J. Weinstock heard his late wife, Joy, ask him that simple question, What do you love? His answer became a year-long quest during which he learned more than 1001 things about love and discovered a secret to happiness.

The LoveSpell Experiment is a uniquely intimate memoir that reveals a key to unlock the treasure chest of one's life! 


The LoveSpell Secret
A 30-Day Heaven-Sent Program to
Create More Love in Your Life
I. J. Weinstock's late wife, Joy, communicated with him from the Afterlife and led him on an incredible journey to heal his grief. On New Year's Eve 2011, Joy once again communicated with him and asked him a simple yet profound question—What do you love?—which inspired his LoveSpell Experiment during which he discovered a secret to happiness—the LoveSpell Secret.
Metaphysics and quantum physics both maintain that whatever you put your attention on expands. By answering the question  What do you love? you activate a kind of magical spell and benefit from the quantum effect which actually grows the love in your life.
If you’re in a relationship, casting a LoveSpell will upgrade your into-me-see, better known as intimacy. If you're single and looking for that special someone, one of the secrets to finding a soulmate is to grow the love in your life and become more love-able—able to love.
The LoveSpell Secret is a 30-day workout that will build your Love Muscle and give you the key to unlocking the treasure chest of your life.
How My Late Wife Loved Me Back To Life

As fantastic a love story as the hit movie, Ghost, except it’s REAL!

Joy and Jerry were soulmates, in fact, they were literally a “match-made-in heaven.” And their love story is one for the ages. When Jerry lost Joy to breast cancer, he was devastated. Then a remarkable thing happened—Joy began communicating with him from the Afterlife. She led him on an incredible journey to heal his grief. And ultimately, like the final scene in the movie, Ghost, Joy found someone—a willing medium—through whom she literally loved him back to life.


In his mind-blowing memoir about love, loss and life-after-death, I. J. Weinstock claims that his late wife healed his inconsolable grief by making love to him from the Afterlife!

“Most people will be shocked by our story. I can’t blame them.

I’d heard of life-after-death, but SEX-after-death?

If I hadn’t experienced it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it either. But this is a true story. It happened to me.”

— from the Introduction

eLit Award Winner 2011

Silver Medal for Best Inspirational/Spiritual Digital Book


Love Ever After
How My Husband Became My Spirit Guide
by Joy Mitchell Lisker (I. J. Weinstock's late wife)

It all began with a murder!...

In 1983 Bob Lisker suffered a tragedy of biblical proportions. His wife, Dorka, had been brutally murdered in their Los Angeles home and his teenage son, Bruce, despite pleas of innocence, was convicted of the crime and sentenced to life in prison. Tormented by the loss of his wife and his only son, this conservative attorney, former Marine and pillar of the community attempted to contact the spirit of his dead wife to find out who killed her. This set the stage for the extraordinary Afterlife communications his 2nd wife, Joy Mitchell Lisker, received after he died.


According to Joy, Bob Lisker was the least likely candidate to be a spirit guide. Yet from the moment he left his body, he gave her a guided tour of the Afterlife that included:

* A spiritual perspective on the Lisker family tragedy

* What happens when we die

* How spirits live and learn on the Other Side

* Reincarnation and the illusion of time

* How the soul chooses its lessons

* How to contact your loved ones on the Other Side

* How to recognize your life path

* How to attract money

* Bob's 12-step program to realize your dreams

* And much more. . .


This 10th anniversary edition includes an Afterword by

I. J. Weinstock entitled "The Joyful Redemption" that describes Bruce Lisker's 2009 exoneration and release from prison

as seen on 48 HOURS.


Grief Quest
A Workbook & Journal to Heal the Grieving Heart

LOVE may be the ANSWER

but LOSS poses the QUESTIONS!


In the agony and inconsolable grief of losing a loved one, we find ourselves asking questions we've never asked before. When we say we've "lost" our loved one, the truth is we're lost. The world as we've known it no longer exists. The right questions are like a trail in the wilderness that can lead us out of the darkness toward the light of a new life that is forever changed.




Grief Quest utilizes a unique question-based L.O.V.E. process—

• L—Love your memories.

• O—Open to your grief.

• V—Value the gifts.

• E—Embrace your life.


The questions in Grief Quest will help you memorialize your loved one. The simple act of recording your memories is a tribute to the love and life you shared. If you embark on this Grief Quest, you'll get to know yourself and your relationship with your loved one on a deeper level than you thought possible.


USA Best Books Award 2012


For the loss of a child...

Grief Quest

A Workbook & Journal to Heal the Grieving Parent's Heart

by Lilly Julien & I. J. Weinstock


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