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Spreading the "Gospel" of Sacred Sexuality

Spring and Easter — the time of year for renewal, rebirth, and resurrection is a perfect time to reconsider our views about the historical Jesus.

It may surprise people how much of a role sex plays in Christianity’s origin story. Or rather, the lack of it. There’s the “Immaculate Conception” and “Virgin Birth” unsullied by that “Original Sin” in the Garden of Eden.

Why is Jesus presented as having no sexuality at all? Born of a virgin, he remains a virgin himself. Or so the Church would have the world believe.

Could Jesus’ sex life be one of the world’s best-kept secrets?

I’m neither a historian nor a religious scholar, but for the past decade I’ve been exploring the mystery we call “sex” in my SECRET SEX LIFE books and find it inconceivable that Jesus had no sex life.

Despite the Church's anti-sex dogma, sex plays a significant shadow role in Christianity with catastrophic consequences for the world. Contemplating the possibility that Jesus had a secret, sacred, sex life may help bring that shadow into the light to be healed.

You can read my article on Medium.


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