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"Abortion, Sex, and Survival"

In the new article Abortion, Sex, and Survival” (adapted from my book, OUR SECRET SEX LIFE: The Key to Humanity’s Destiny), I argue that women’s reproductive freedom is about more than the right-to-choose, it’s ultimately about civilization’s survival..

Protesting recent anti-abortion legislation in Texas, Bette Midler put it simply when she tweeted, “I suggest that all women refuse to have sex with men until they are guaranteed the right to choose by Congress.”

Bette may be on to something.

If we’re going to talk about a woman’s right to an abortion, we need to talk about sex. And in a new way. We need to see the big picture and understand that limiting a woman’s sexual and reproductive freedom has been the foundation of a millennia-long patriarchal project which has brought civilization to the brink of disaster.

Fighting for women’s reproductive freedom is ultimately fighting for humanity’s survival.

You can read the article on Medium.


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