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A Conversation with OpenAI’s ChatGPT About Artificial Intelligence and Sex

After hearing about OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a new advance in Artificial Intelligence, I decided to ask it some questions about a subject I’ve thought a lot about — sex.

Since AI is having such a profound effect on every aspect of our lives, I was curious what ChatGPT would have to say about the impact of AI on sex. So I asked it a series of questions—

  1. How will AI affect human sexuality and sexual relations?

  2. How will AI affect women’s sexuality? Men’s sexuality? The sexual relations between men and women?

  3. How will AI’s effect on human sexuality and sexual relations impact society and ultimately civilization?

  4. What are the consequences of being the first human generation taught about sex by machines with online porn as our guide?

  5. What specifically is the negative impact of online porn on young boys and adult men?

  6. What impact does porn addiction in young boys have on their developing brains?

  7. Is there a relationship between online porn addiction in young boys and men and the incel movement and its violence against women?

You can read ChatGPT’s answers in my new 7-part article series on Medium.


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