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— The Secret Sex Life of Angels —

#1 Bestseller on Amazon

New Age & Spirituality > Sacred Sexuality

The Secret Sex Life of Angels
Book I "Mysteries of Isis"

In a world with no future, one man is offered a secret key from the past to unlock the greatest mystery of all. One hundred days into his presidency, Adam Hart discovers that to fulfill his oath of office he must embark on a sexual odyssey that could determine the fate of the world.


The Secret Sex Life of Angels combines the intrigue and controversy of The Da Vinci Code with the spirituality and eroticism of the Kama Sutra in a fantastic saga about the sacred nature of sex.

“Every man needs to read The Secret Sex Life of Angels.

Every woman needs to have her man read this book.”

 “You’ll never think about sex in the same way again!”

“This is the book everyone will be talking about.”


— The LoveSpell Experiment —  

#1 Amazon Best Seller

in Self-Help > Happiness


Thought-provoking...Another fine tool for building a life filled with attention paid to the things we love. Very well done.” 

— Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

The LoveSpell Experiment

My Year Exploring Love & Discovering a Secret to Happiness


What Do You Love?


This simple yet profound question inspired an extraordinary exploration into the very nature of Love.

While celebrating New Year's Eve, I. J. Weinstock heard his late wife, Joy, ask him that simple question—What do you love? His answer became a year-long quest during which he learned more than 1001 things about love and discovered a secret to happiness.

The LoveSpell Experiment is a uniquely intimate memoir that reveals a key to unlock the treasure chest of one's life! 

I. J. Weinstock is the author of the award-winning memoir, JOYride: How My Late Wife Loved Me Back To Life

The LoveSpell Experiment is the next chapter in this incredible love story!

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